Birthed in the hot and humid yoga studios of Regina, Saskatchewan - I began to cultivate and shape my own personal practice. The sweet time I spent in the final moments of each class spoke to my Soul, I knew this was the way. After moving to the Vancouver I began formally teaching Meditation and Yoga. It became quickly apparent that the practice of mindfulness is a necessary tool in our modern time.

At a very young age I dealt with severe anxiety and panic attacks. My personal relationships and my family were all affected by my inability to deal with this fear. My mentality towards education and work also suffered. To be honest, my life was run by fear. I lived with this constant worry and shame. The suffering caused by fear-based decision making can lead to very painful lessons that become unbearable. I have been there.

Like a seed planted deep in the ground, My journey within began in darkness. For years I was frightened by this unknown I was living in. I remember feeling like I was in the middle of a dark room. I remember feeling lost, alone and scared. What's worse is I had no idea where to go to find the light switch.

It was only as I began to comfort that lost little boy within that I began to noticed the thin layers of fear start evaporating from my very being. It was when I began to surrender to the fruitful darkness that I noticed a freedom beginning to blossom in my heart. This delicate flower needs care, tenderness and to be nurtured. That is where my personal practice of meditation and mindfulness began.


Corporate Clients:

Kit & Ace
Halfmoon (Ambassador)

Be Here for Love.

Be here for yourself, Be here for your family and close loved ones, Be here for new friends and old friends. Be here for your strangers and for those who we experience difficulty.

If you feel the call - I invite you to join me on this journey. Together we will honor our Souls, Our bodies and our experiences.

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