Meditation: You are doing it right!

Here is the truth, Beginning a meditation practice is not easy.

   Simply being with ourselves can be quite the test of patience. Between endless thoughts/stories/dialog moving through our mind to the twitching and shifting of our bodies - there is a lot going on and a lot to observe. 

   Perhaps you notice you are feeling restless during meditation - Be aware of the sensations of restlessness and say to yourself "Wow, this is what it is like to be restless! How interesting". Be with that feeling and honor your experience (both good and bad)! Isn't it when we begin to feel restless that we react by going to the fridge? Turning to social media spending copious amounts of time swiping? Perhaps we suffer simply by trying to avert our experience of this restlessness?

   Our meditation practice is exactly that, a practice. Like anything worth practicing it also takes a great deal of patience. Sometimes our practice can be fun and sometimes the practice feels uncomfortable. We are here to rediscover our true loving nature, This is our practice.

“Meditation means: Put the mind aside and watch. the first step - love yourself - will help you tremendously. By loving yourself you will have destroyed much that society has implanted within you. You will have become free from the society and its conditioning. And the second step is, watch - just watch. Buddha does not say what has to be watched — everything! Walking, watch your walking. Eating, watch your eating. Taking a shower, watch the water, the cold water falling on you, the touch of the water, the coldness, the shiver that goes through your spine — watch everything, today, tomorrow, always.”

— Osho

We are in search for the truth, and it is within.