The Advantages of Group Meditation

     I have had the pleasure of sharing my practice with many individuals who are curious about beginning their personal practice. Our practice tends to deepening within group, regardless of our meditation experience. This is the power of group practice.

     What we observe in our group practice is focused conversation. Through communication we find connection, through connection we find relationship and with relationship we find comfort. Our warm comforting group environment we notice a sense of relief in our practice. We find all of the ways in which we can relate to others, Perhaps these individuals aren't so different from us. We experience fears, just like them. We may feel tired, just like them. Maybe we experience tension in our shoulders, just like them. The truth is that despite our unfounded desire to compare; there are endless ways in which we can relate to those around us. 

These similarities we share in practice will extend past our meditation block. This connection and compassion permeates from our being into our everyday life.

     What we discover in our group is a loving energy within our hearts, We can call this emotion gratitude. Bask in the warm loving guidance of your heart, experience gratitude for the open and loving support of your group. This may be a perfect opportunity to notice the ways in which we can relate with each other. How well do we know those around us in our group practice? What stories are the mind creating to separate us from them? Listen to this inner-dialog the way you may listen to a friend telling us stories of their day - With interest and detachment.

Your presence is a gift. Share that gift with the world. :)