Lovingkindness Meditation Course - Week 1

      At first, we plant the seeds. We till the soil and dig into the earth. We practice patience and begin our ritual of planting the seed. With nurturing and care we begin to see the small signs of life looking back at us through the dirt. Over time this small sprout grows into a powerful plant that gives back to us in fruit and nourishment.

Our practice is no different than the beautiful life of the plant. We must plant the seed, we must care for the seed and we must continue to love and nurture this as it grows. It is only at that point that we notice it is giving back.

Week one, we plant the seed.

I invite you along to this loving journey within. 

Week 1 Questions:

  • What kinds of stories does our heart have to share with us?
  • Let us sit, listen and experience. What did we experience during this meditation? What thoughts came up? What emotions? Speak to these experiences the way you would describe a movie to a friend.