Our Breath as our Guide

 The aim of yoga and meditation is not to stop our thinking but to instead notice this relationship to our thoughts. To bring conscious awareness to the patterns in which we live our daily lives. In our practice we may come to encounter various emotions and sensations in the many forms of anger, fear, frustration, joy, happiness, eagerness, anxious, calm or sleepy…

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Meditation on: Gratitude

 In this meditation we invite ourselves to connect to our gratitude. We observe all of the amazing gifts we have in our lives. We thank our powerful heart for this life. We thank our breath for its refreshing and grounding gift. With fascination and curiosity we observe the mind as it continues to flow and move from one thought to the next, from one worry to the next.. how interesting and beautiful this mind is.

 This practice of gratitude is a perfect way to move from our busy mind to our center. Gratitude is the state where we find freedom from worry. Where we find the space to connect to our loving nature. 

  December is a perfect time to introduce a practice of gratitude for this life. Opening our heart to a flood of joy and happiness, washing away worry. We bask in the warmth of love and connection that surround us at this very moment. A gentle smile appears on our face as we float in this amazing gift of live.