Our Breath as our Guide

 The aim of yoga and meditation is not to stop our thinking but to instead notice this relationship to our thoughts. To bring conscious awareness to the patterns in which we live our daily lives. In our practice we may come to encounter various emotions and sensations in the many forms of anger, fear, frustration, joy, happiness, eagerness, anxious, calm or sleepy…

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Meditation on: Gratitude

 In this meditation we invite ourselves to connect to our gratitude. We observe all of the amazing gifts we have in our lives. We thank our powerful heart for this life. We thank our breath for its refreshing and grounding gift. With fascination and curiosity we observe the mind as it continues to flow and move from one thought to the next, from one worry to the next.. how interesting and beautiful this mind is.

 This practice of gratitude is a perfect way to move from our busy mind to our center. Gratitude is the state where we find freedom from worry. Where we find the space to connect to our loving nature. 

  December is a perfect time to introduce a practice of gratitude for this life. Opening our heart to a flood of joy and happiness, washing away worry. We bask in the warmth of love and connection that surround us at this very moment. A gentle smile appears on our face as we float in this amazing gift of live.


Lovingkindness Meditation Course - Week 4

Completing four weeks of the Lovingkindness meditation series is a cause for celebration!

Over the past month we have taken time for ourselves. We have slowed down to honored our inner voice, our emotions and our experience of life. What a beautiful gesture.

We have invested in our true loving nature. Fanning the flames of love within our hearts.
We have observed the mind as it moves like a tree in the wind.

Our Lovingkindness practice is a continuous practice of love and forgiveness
Enjoy and honor this amazing practice we have built together over the past four weeks.

“What you seek is seeking you.” - Rumi

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With love,

Lovingkindness Meditation Course - Week 3

Week 3 is a very special week

This week is very special. In this week's practice we notice the sensations of love in our body and our hearts. We embrace the warmth of our true loving nature and begin to add small kindling to the beautiful fire in our hearts?

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.
- Martin Luther King Jr.

We smile as the fire grows high for all to see and feel. The warmth soothing the bones of all that love us, all that know us and all of humanity.

Week 3 Questions:

  1. Where did you feel the sensation of love? Was it familiar? Was it something new you noticed? 
  2. After completing the meditation, what was your experience like? How did you feel? Answer this in as much detail as you would like. 

Lovingkindness Meditation Course - Week 2

 In week 1 we marveled at the beautiful calm state available to us when we allow ourselves to sit and mindfully breathe into our body. We noticed our busy minds constantly at work and how this is affected by the breath.

What a beautiful/ mysterious gift this mind is. 

 In week 2 we invite this important breath deep into our heart. Inviting our heart to open with the warming thoughts of those we love and care about. 

Join us on the amazing journey towards loving compassion and loving kindness :)

Week 2 Questions:

  1. When thinking about those we love, where in our bodies do we experience any sensations? How would you describe these sensations? Hot or cold? Fuzzy or soft? Describe these sensations in further description to better understand this emotion.
  2. How does the "I am" statement resonate with you? Do you notice a fondness to the loving we show to ourselves with I am affirmations? Perhaps we notice an aversion to the "I am" affirmation. In your next practice notice the subtle reactions our bodies have to "I am" affirmations - breathe into these reactions and observe like a curious scientist.